Fiberglass experts handle the repairs of your boat and waverunners

Don’t wait until the summer when your boat is in the garage instead of on the water…

It is inevitable, it is boating and you pull off your tarp pull your boat trailer out of storage and something just does not look right, or the engine just isn’t running like it did the season before. Don’t wait until Memorial Day when everyone has their boats out just to stuck at the marina trying to repair your waverunner or boat yourself. Sometimes a simple sparkplug change will solve the problem temporarily but no one wants stuck in the middle of the river or lake trying to figure out engine or electrical problems on the boat.

If you have spent time around boats and waverunners you definitely know how easy small scratches, dents, and even a small hole in the fiberglass body of your water toys. Those are serious problems that could lead to a costly repair down the road. Protect yourself before each boating season and let H & H collision look at the body and hear the engine run.