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When it comes to Collision Repair near Monroe Ohio H&H Collision has the customer service that you’re looking for and their repair quality is the highest rated auto body repair near 45050.  We even have a lifetime repair on all insurance claim collision repairs.

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This client was looking for collision repair near Monroe Ohio and he brought his wrecked pickup truck to us for a free estimate related to his auto insurance claim.  Our team here at H&H Collision helped him through the insurance claim process and repaired his truck back to it’s prior condition.

This client had no out of pocket costs for his auto insurance claim related collision repairs other than the deductible that he was responsible for per his auto insurance policy.  We didn’t even have a prior relationship with him, he actually found us by searching for collision repair near Monroe Ohio and found directions right to our shop!

Even before seeking collision repair near Monroe Ohio you need to contact emergency services by calling 911.  Most insurance companies will require you to have a police report, or at least be able to show that you made the attempt, in order to proceed with an auto accident insurance claim.  Regardless, emergency services can also check for injuries that you may not be aware of because of adrenaline.

Here is a step by step guide for seeking collision repair near Monroe Ohio.

  1. Call 911 to report the accident and any injuries.
  2. Provide accurate details of the accident.
  3. Do not apologize to anyone or admit any fault.  You are under duress at this time and you are not a professional accident reconstruction engineer.  Let the professionals do their job without you intervening unnecessarily.
  4. Get the insurance information and contact details of the other parties and witnesses.  The police should assist you with this or provide the details in the police report at a later time.
  5. Tell the Police or tow truck driver that you are taking your wrecked vehicle to H&H collision near monroe ohio for an estimate and repairs.
  6. Contact your insurance company to file your auto insurance claim, we can assist you with this process and make things very easy.

We perform collision repair near Monroe Ohio for clients in the 45050, 45073, 45099 zip codes because there isn’t a great selection of auto body repair shops in the area.  We feel that the residents of Monroe deserve a fair competitive market and a choice of auto body repair shops to help keep the collision repair costs reasonable for all parties.

If you need collision repair near Monroe Ohio, you should give H&H Collision when you have an auto accident and need auto body repairs related to an insurance claim.

You can call us at 513-422-1062 for a FREE auto body repair estimate or a FREE 2nd opinion.

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